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About Me

Who Am I?

I'm a people person with some big dreams.

I grew up in Queens, New York, and moved around a bit over the past few years throughout the US and Asia, but have now ended up right where I started. I just graduated with a BS from Northeastern University, where I studied Computer Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In my time at Northeastern, I studied abroad in Seoul and Hong Kong. I also completed 3 co-ops and one internship, working in Downtown Boston, Greater Boston, San Francisco, and Brooklyn.

I'm passionate about engineering, startups, embedded software, photography, traveling, fashion, frisbee, investing, learning new languages, and meeting new people.





Things I'm (kinda) Good At

My Skills


I love coming up with creative solutions to exciting problems.


Embedded Software, Firmware, and IoT particularly excite me.


I know how to work well with others, and love collaborative teams.

I'm not a big fan of quantifying skills, so I have simply categorized some of the different technologies/languages/programs/things that I am familiar with and have worked with below.

Programming Languages

C++, C, Java, Javascript, Bash, Python

Other Software

Git, Firebase, AWS, React, Angular, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MIPS

Other Programs

Android Studio, MATLAB, Altium, AutoCAD, Solidworks

Other Hardware

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PCB Design, Zedboard, 3D Printing

Where and What I've Studied


I look back at my time at Northeastern quite fondly. It was a place where I grew immensely, and met some of the most incredible people who I am lucky to call my closest friends. During my time there, I was a part of the Resident Student Association, Entrepreneurs Club, and Generate (a student-led product development studio). I was also a part of the University Honors Program and Civic Engagement Program. I was also proud to be a National Merit Scholar, and on the Dean's List for Engineering.

The Bronx High School of Science is yet another institution that holds a very special place in my heart. This was where I met some of the most impressive, charismatic, and inspiring people to-date. While at Bronx Science, I was heavily involved with the Red Cross Club, Big Sibs Program, League of Legends Club, and Ultimate Frisbee Club. I am particularly proud of my involvement with the American Red Cross Chapter of NYC, where I served as the first youth member to join the Board of Directors for this chapter.

  • Red Cross: Standard First Aid, CPR and AED Certified (Issued March 2019)
  • Red Cross: Psychological First Aid Certified (Issued 2015)
Where I've Worked

Work Experience

Synapse | Embedded Software Co-op January 2019 - June 2019

Synapse is a mid-size, boutique Product Development firm located in San Francisco.

During my time there, I wrote and debugged (primarily) manufacturing test software in a multithreaded enviroment for a leading San Francisco startup working on a micromobility device (C). I also designed software to test the reliability of a high speed FLIR Oryx 10GigE camera. The tests I then conducted informed the camera choice for a company using it for machine learning based sports analysis (C++, Python). I also used Raspberry Pi's to sniff, record, and plot data from a UART port for a "smart pet device", and to signify the availability of meeting rooms via LEDs outside the doors (Python, AWS Lambda). One of the last projects I worked on involved creating scripts to automate data analysis and performing electrical QA testing for a wearable for art installations (Bash).

Synapse was the best co-op I had due to the incredible culture, management, support, and breadth of work to do (not to mention working as a consultant for some of the worlds leading companies!).

Flex | Electrical Engineering Co-op January 2018 - June 2018

Flex, formerly Flextronics, is a large manufacturing company that also focuses on product development.

During my time at Flex, I transformed sketches and ideas for emerging microfluidic products from my manager into tangible, working prototypes. I built multiple prototypes of a digital microfluidic board (including PCB design and verification), a working glucose meter (which was integrated with a microfluidic chip), and coordinated with Flex in Silicon Valley to build a polymer-CMUT. (C++)

Desktop Metal | Hardware R&D Co-op January 2017 - June 2017

Desktop Metal is a heavily funded small to medium sized startup building metal 3D printers.

At Desktop Metal, I was around employee 60 when I started, and around employee 120 when I left -- so I saw it grow tremendously. While I was there, I operated, maintained, and helped build a fleet of experimental metal 3D printers and alpha prototypes. I also helped iterate on the metal 3D printing process, finding ways to minimize failures and maximize quality. I saw areas of improvement through automation, and built scripts to simplify inefficient processes and to save otherwise failed (sometimes 20+ hour) prints (Python). During downtime between prints, I also used Altium to build up a parts library. I also worked with the Product Marketing team, honing my non-engineering skills through conducting market research and performing a competitive analysis for marketing efforts.

Generate | Build Studio Engineer September 2016 - April 2017

Generate is a student-led product development studio on campus at Northeastern. The goal of this organization is to help Northeastern startups build prototypes or future iterations of their products.

At Generate, I worked with two startups -- Dash Electric and Trail Tag. For Dash Electric, my team and I created a custom, hand-held controller for an electric skateboard and a custom logic board to connect to the motor and wirelessly communicate with the controller. Our solution included all the software and hardware necessary aside from the motor and skateboard. We initially worked with an arduino and eventually moved to a custom PCB within 3.5 months. For Trail Tag, my team and I wrote software to prototype features of a network of GPS-tracking communication devices using TI CC1350 Launchpads. (C++)

My Work

Recent Work


For our Senior ECE Capstone, my team and I built an end to end network of devices to determine the availability of seats in the library using Raspberry Pi 4s, Infrared Sensors (Image Processing), and AWS.


For a mobile app dev course, my partner and I built a fully functional social app on Android to simplify the process of planning a hangout. We used Google Firebase (NoSQL) and built the app in Java.


For the CS Capstone I took for fun, my team and I built a functional web app to serve as a marketplace for NEU students to post and search products and services. We used React, JPA, MySQL, and Heroku.

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